Here at Community 1st Federal Credit Union, we pride ourselves on offering our members a wide range of services to suit their every need.

Your Independence Checking account with Community 1st is the gateway to all these benefits:

  • No monthly service charges
  • Free VISA Debit Card
  • No charges for writing checks or debit card purchases
  • Free online banking
  • Free cancelled check copies online
  • Free e-statements
  • Free online Bill Pay
  • NCUA insurance to protect your balances
  • Overdraft Protection 
  • All of the convenience of 24-hour access via our free ATM
  • Direct Deposit available
  • “Checks-for-Less” makes your check orders more affordable

When you open your Community 1st Federal Credit Union account you also receive instant access to our electronic banking features.  It is easy to see why it really does pay to belong to Community 1st.  Contact a Credit Union representative to add the benefits of checking to your current account.  Gain your independence from fees with Independence Checking! 

Save yourself the hassle of writing checks with a VISA debit card that can be used like a credit card but accesses funds directly from your checking account.  Our card can be used anywhere VISA is accepted.  And our debit card can be used at ATMs anywhere, too!

With every Share Draft Checking account opened, we give our members the option of overdraft protection built in to automatically transfer from their savings as well as the ability to apply for an Overdraft Protection Loan.

The Share Savings Account is the foundation of your membership in Community 1st Federal Credit Union. Credit unions call a savings account a “share account” because the owner of the account owns a part of the credit union. No matter what you call it, this is simply our most basic savings plan, and it also serves as a stepping-stone to apply for all our other services. Funds in this type of account are available anytime and are paid generous dividends.

  • Minimum balance is $10.00. 
  • Interest is compounded daily and paid quarterly.
  • Dividend, or interest rate, is set by the Board of Directors and is subject to change quarterly.
  • Funds can be accessed using a Community 1st ATM card.
  • Can be used as collateral on low-interest Credit Union loans.
  • There is never a monthly maintenance fee.

Plan ahead for Christmas expenses by opening a special Christmas Club Account.  These accounts pay premium dividends; funds are disbursed into your primary savings account the first of November, so you’ll be ready to hit the holiday shopping trail early!.

There are no restrictions on the dollar amount deposited or the frequency of those deposits.

Pee Wee Penguin would like to invite all young investors ages 0-12 to join the Pee Wee Penguin Club.

Pee Wee Penguin helps make saving money lots of fun. Sign up and receive a passbook – to keep track of savings; a coin saver – to save those extra quarters; a birthday card – on your special day; a quarterly newsletter; and mail from Pee Wee Penguin.

Every time you deposit to your account, you will receive a grab bag from Pee Wee’s treasure chest.

For Young Investors (FYI) is our new program designed to give teens awareness, education and experience in finances that will last a lifetime. To join you must qualify for membership with Community 1st, have a $10 Share Savings established and a qualified co-signer (when applicable).

Through this program, teens get special incentives and services to encourage healthy financial habits and skills.

Have your paycheck deposited into your account and we can automatically make distributions to your loans without you having to worry about any of it.

No checks, no stamps, no phone calls, no gas just all automatic.

Get a Community 1st Visa® Credit Card and take advantage of our low competitive rate – 13.99% Annual Percentage Rate, or APR.  There is never an annual fee, and our card is accepted world-wide. Shop around and you’ll see this is still one of the best cards to carry.
Unlike many big bank credit cards, our VISA has no hidden fees. Cash advances are not charged at a higher interest rate. Always read the fine print when you receive cards in the mail. If their rates look too good to be true, they usually are! We don’t do “teaser” rates.
You also have the convenience of making your payment at your local credit union office, or you can transfer your payment from another Community 1st account on-line.

Most checkbooks can only do one thing-checking. Our VISA® Debit Card does this and much more. A Community 1st VISA® Debit Card gives you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need.

That’s because it allows you to withdraw funds from your share draft account without ever having to write out a check. Plus, VISA® Debit Cards perform all the functions of an ATM card. It’s the All-In-One card!

VISA Gift Cards are perfect for any occasion–smart, thoughtful, and always well-received. 
Meet all of your gift giving needs with a prepaid gift card. It’s like a gift certificate that can be used virtually anywhere VISA Debit cards are accepted.
Gift card benefits –
•Accepted anywhere Visa Debit cards are welcomed.
•Safer than cash – if it is lost or stolen, unused portion can be replaced.
•Can be used 24 hours after card has been sold and activated.
How the gift card works –
•For the purchaser – Buy a gift card at your credit union with cash, check or Credit Union credit card, just as you would at a store.
•For the recipient – Use it just like a VISA Debit card for purchases up to the gift card limit.

Carry the card that provides the security of travelers cheques and the convenience of a VISA card. 
Visa TravelMoney card benefits –
Accepted at over 20 million VISA locations worldwide.
In addition to carrying the Visa Logo, the card also supports the Plus and Interlink networks.
Can be used at ATMs to withdraw cash and at merchants that accept PIN-based POS transactions.
Cards are instantly issued at the credit union.

You can receive transaction information, change PINs, check balances, and fund the card via ( website.
Can be funded with checking or savings but is NOT linked to accounts.
Can be funded for amount from $100 to $5000.
How the Visa TravelMoney card works
Purchase and fund a Visa TravelMoney card at your credit union with cash, check or credit union credit card.
24 hours after the card has been sold, you simply call the toll free number to activate your card and change your PIN.
You can reload your cards from the convenience of your home via a secured internet site just for their Visa TravelMoney card, (
Cardholders can make purchases at merchants and get US currency or foreign local currency at ATMs worldwide.

Direct Deposit trims your To-Do list. We are a nation ‘on the go’. There’s work time, fitness time, child time, spouse time, parent time, friend time, and, if you are lucky, some quiet time. Even retirees say, “I’ve never been busier in my life”.

Wouldn’t it be nice to worry about one less thing? Try Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit you authorize your employer or federal agency, like the Social Security Administration, to deposit your check directly into your Credit Union account. You can count on access to funds without visiting the Credit Union. Instead of a check, you receive a paper record of the transaction. Employers, for example, provide an earnings statement on payday showing net deposit and how much was withheld for taxes or any other withheld amounts.

Direct Deposit delivers Internal Revenue Service tax refunds to accounts of both electronic and non-electronic tax filers. To cut at least a week off your refund time, request Direct Deposit by using your Credit Union routing and transit number, your account number and type of account where indicated. No matter where your check is coming from, Direct Deposit takes the worry out of:

  • Stolen or misplaced checks-Direct Deposit eliminates those risks.
  • Delayed deposits-Your funds are deposited regularly and on time.
  • Losing potential dividends-With Direct Deposit you earn dividends on funds as soon as possible.

Take advantage of the convenience and security of Direct Deposit .

Our Notary Service is free to our members and available in the lobby from 9am-4pm.

Tired of writing checks, buying stamps, and mailing envelopes to pay your bills every month?  Community 1st offers the convenient alternative with Online Bill Pay.  Enroll today and you’ll save time & money, and enjoy enhanced security.

  • Be more secure with electronic bill payments
  • Schedule payments to almost anyone in the U.S.
  • Schedule single or multiple payments.
  • Schedule one-time or recurring payments.
  • Most payments are received in two business days
  • Avoid costly expenses for ordering checks, purchasing envelopes & buying stamps.

If you haven’t tried Bill Pay, just click on the Bill Pay link to the left and you’ll take a test drive–  Just click Demo.  You can also enroll today online!


In addition to our loan, checking and savings accounts, Community 1st Federal Credit Union members also have access to the following convenient services at their local Credit Union:






f you’d like to know more, please get in touch with one of our team members.

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