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Community 1st Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization. Originally formed under a multiple group charter in 1953, the Credit Union has adapted to the needs of its community throughout the years.  For the first 44 years of its existence, the Credit Union, then called Miles City US Employees Federal Credit Union, was dedicated to the needs of local federal employees and their families.  Under this definition, the Credit Union grew to $5 million in assets and served nearly 1,600 members. 

By 1997, it had become clear that all residents of the greater Miles City community would benefit from the unique brand of service offered by a cooperative financial institution.  That year, the NCUA recognized their foresight and approved the Credit Union’s conversion to a community charter, which allowed the organization to extend services to Custer, Rosebud, Garfield, Powder River counties under the new name of Community 1st Federal Credit Union.  This field of membership was further expanded in 1999 to include Prairie County.   

By December 2009, Community 1st Federal Credit Union had grown by 175%, to $14 million in total assets, and had added roughly 1,000 new members to its roles.  This growth afforded the Credit Union the financial strength needed to diversify products and improve pricing, and to generally do a better job of providing financial services to its members. 

In 2010, the Credit Union undertook a merger with Carter County Federal Credit Union, and by the end of that year saw total assets increase substantially and total memberships exceed 3,000.  Today, total assets exceed $20 million. 

Throughout its history, the credit union has been community-oriented.  This has been accomplished not only through the services we provide our members, but through the support of employee volunteerism, scholarships, and donations.   Community 1st has demonstrated a deep commitment to the youth of the community through ongoing assistance in local schools, teaching young students the value of saving and planning.  The credit union donates generously each year to local service organizations, as well as local and national beneficent causes.   Community 1st enjoys strong visibility and community involvement through sponsorship and participation in many of the local events that define our region as a neighborhood.


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Community 1st Federal Credit Union is a member-owned, not-for-profit organization.

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