Some loans aren’t easy to classify, that’s why we have personal loans. Get an installment loan, or a personal line of credit to meet your needs. Use your revolving overdraft line of credit to cover those occasional unexpected payments or purchases.  We can tailor payments to suit you circumstances.  Stop in and tak to us about your needs.

Community 1st Home Equity Loans provide convenient, flexible terms and very competitive rates. A Home Equity Loan, the interest on which may be tax deductible, can be used for home improvements, education, travel, auto purchase, or other pursuits.  

Our variable-rate home equity line of credit is an open-end, revolving line of credit with an 8-year draw period and 7-year repayment term (15-year life of loan).  There is no annual fee, and interest is paid only on the outstanding balance.  It’s a good tool for life’s unexpected financial demands.

Share secured loans allow you to use the money in your share or share certificates as collateral for your loan. Your loan’s interest rate will be lower than regular consumer loan rates and it allows you to continue earning dividends on your share account or share certificates, as well as avoid withdrawal penalties.

Whether you are buying a new pickup or a used car for the kids, let Community 1st Federal Credit Union help you with the financing.

We will work with you to help make the financing of your new vehicle the best part of the buying experience!

If your dream is a recreational vehicle, let us help you get out of the home or office and on the road and into the Great Outdoors! Whether it is a motor home, camper, boat, ATV, or snowmobile, let us help you reach your dreams. We have terms up to 10 years depending on the amount of financing, great rates, and flexible payment options.

Whether you’re buying your first or your second home or you’re purchasing an investment property, Community 1st has a mortgage plan to fit your needs.  Our financing plans plans include:

  • Balloon mortgages for conventional residential loans
  • Residential investment property financing
  • Commercial real estate loans
  • Lot and vacant land loans
  • Agricultural real estate loans
  • Home equity loans

Come into your nearest office to visit with a mortgage loan specialist.

Loan Rates
Rate Name TermAPR 
All Vehicles   
New and Used Vehicles  24 Months5.99% 
  48 Months6.24% 
  60 Months6.49% 
  72 Months6.74% 
* Rates as low as 4.24% APR. Loan rates may vary with length of contract and age of vehicle. Call today for a quote at (888) 900-2550.
Recreational Vehicles
New and Used Recreational Vehicle Up to 72 Months7.24% 
  96 Months7.74% 
 120 Months8.24% 
* Rates as low as 4.74% APR. Call for details. Off-Road Motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV even MOTORHOMES and fifth wheel trailers. Loan rates may vary with length of contract and type of vehicle. Call today for a quote 1-888-900-2550 or apply on line.
Home Equity
Home Equity Line of Credit180 Months8.50% 
* Call today for a current rate and a plan that fits your needs. 1-888-900-2550. Rates as low as 4.00%APR*, some restrictions do apply.
Share Secured
Share Secured12 Months3.75% 
* Secured by shares. Current share rate plus 3.00%; maximum term of 1 year; subject to a floor rate of 3.75%.
Share Certificate Secured12 Months3.75% 
* Rate is current certificate rate plus 3.00%. Maximum term cannot exceed CD maturity; subject to a floor rate of 3.75%.
Signature or Overdraft Protection
Personal or Overdraft Protection36 Months9.74% 
* Signature loans and Overdraft Protection (transfers in increments of $100) lines of credit. Rates as low as 7.99% *APR. 
* APR is the Annual Percentage Rate. Actual rates and APR may vary due to credit history and closing costs.
Share Accounts
S1    REGULAR SHARES** 0.50%0.501%
            (The minimum membership share for this account is $10.00.)   
S2    SECONDARY SHARES 0.50%0.501%
S8    IRA SHARES – TRADITIONAL 0.75%0.752%
S28  IRA SHARES – ROTH 0.75%0.752%
S10  CHRISTMAS CLUB 0.75%0.752%
S50  PEEWEE PENGUIN 0.75%0.752%
S51  FOR YOUNG INVESTORS 0.75%0.752%
**Dividend rate declared for quarter ended March 31, 2024**
Share Draft Accounts
S5    SHARE DRAFT 0.10%0.10%
Share Certificate Accounts
MINIMUM ***$500***
I6     6 MONTH CERTIFICATE 4.00%4.040%
I9     9 MONTH RATE SPECIAL 5.00%5.000%
I12   12 MONTH CERTIFICATE 4.00%4.060%
I81   12 MONTH REG IRA CERTIFICATE 4.00%4.060%
I90   15 MONTH RATE SPECIAL 4.00%4.060%
I18   18 MONTH CERTIFICATE 4.00%4.060%
I24   24 MONTH CERTIFICATE 4.25%4.320%
I80   24 MONTH REG IRA CERTIFICATE 4.25%4.320%
I36   36 MONTH CERTIFICATE 3.00%3.034%
I3    3 YEAR “BUMP” CERTIFICATE 2.75%2.778%
Tiered Interest Money Market (TIMM) Account
Daily Balance RATEAPY*
$1.00 – $999.99 0.00%0.000%
$1,000.00 – $24,999.99 0.75%0.753%
$25,000.00 – $74,999.99 1.00%1.005%
$75,000.00 – up 1.25%1.257%
Dividends are compounded monthly.  No fees are associated with the TIMM account.    
   *  APY = Annual Percentage Yield
   Thank you for inquiring on our rates.   


f you’d like to know more, please get in touch with one of our team members.

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